More Budget Flights For Indian Travelers

The worldwide online travel leader, Expedia is now arrived in India. They have recently launched Expedia Indian version [] and started their operation in India. They are yet to provide full travel services but one can expect it soon owing to its international market command. One can book hotel of their choice through this site as there are a number of Travel deals available. Expedia is currently offering 80,000 hotels across the world and planning to add some more services in future like Flight booking and Car Hire etc. It is destined to take Indian travel industry to a new era.

As the Travel Giant is here, it is to monitor how existing players like Yatra, TravelGuru, MakeMyTrip and ezeego1 will survive? After a long time leadership in India, how Yatra will change their strategy for future? MakeMyTrip uses the slogan, ‘We are Expedia for India’. So they need to change their business slogan, as Expedia itself has arrived in India. All other competitors have to improve their services if they want to be in the race. Travelocity is one another big international online travel portal and is already there in the country. So now, two major international leaders are available in India.

With the presence of two leading market leaders, there is a tough competition in the field and will surely benefit the customers in the coming days. After all they will get more options and better services. The impact you can see at Cleartrip and Zoomtra as they have already started the service like Railway Enquiry on their site to add value to their products. You can check availability status, train schedule through simply logging in. The main motive behind this is to attract the customer by providing some value added services.

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